How Do Invisalign Braces Work?

The invisible braces  are clear plastic braces that are an alternative to metal and conventional braces. These are normally used by adults but have been used in the past for children with minor corrective needs. They are ideal for individuals who do not want metal braces because they require no metal and can be easily removed when desired. Also, they are affordable to most people afford them at least a $100 price tag.

A dentist will remove the traditional braces and if one desires they can replace them with Invisalign aligners. They are virtually invisible, so it is easy to eat, speak and laugh. Although, most adults are prescribed Invisalign aligners at some point in their lives this is not the time to worry about these devices.

Visually impaired individuals, children with misaligned teeth, and adults with crooked teeth can benefit from wearing Invisalign aligners. They can also be used for other types of treatment such as ceramic braces, Invisalign, and veneers. They can be custom fitted to each patient. Such as a health dental clinic with  experienced orthodontics with whom patients have had long-term treatment offer maximum results with each treatment.

People who have tried metal braces have found that while they helped correct the teeth alignment for a short period of time the result was that the teeth were irrevocably crooked and moved closer together. This was because the brackets were stiff and constantly had to be readjusted. With Invisalign, all corrections are done on the orthodontics table and patients can smile normally with no difficulty. Patients also appreciate that unlike braces they do not need to keep them on at all times.

There are many cons associated with Invisalign. One of the main cons is that the treatment may be painful for some patients. This is because the treatment is considered intrusive by some people and takes a great amount of physical effort. Another con is the cost of the treatment, which can be upwards of $2500 or more depending on the treatment plan. The dental health pros believe though that this is well worth the price because the treatment can improve the function of the teeth and overall dental health.

A common problem associated with Invisalign braces is the fact that the teeth do not move properly when they are in the braces. Because the wires are connected to the brackets, sometimes the wires will rub against the gums, cause swelling and irritation. The problem can be alleviated with a regular cleaning procedure using dental wax. Also, the braces can be removed for eating and drinking without the use of trays, as they can cause damage to the insides of the trays. For more info on this topic, see this alternative post:

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